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BIOGRAPHY........... in Continuum

TERRY DAY: Multi-instrumentalist, Improvisation Pioneer, Song Writer, Tune-Smith, Lyricist, Poet, Painter, Conductor even.

I began Improvising on the drums in a drum duet with my brother Pat in 1955, and in 1960 formed an improvising trio of Piano, bass & drums.  Russell Hardy (piano) later became Music composer in Ian Dury's Kilburn & the Highroads.

I am an early 60's First Generation Pioneer of Improvisation, Free Jazz & experimental music. Since the 1960s I have collaborated with many improvising musical Luminaries, Groups, dancers, painters, poets, Artists from around the world, & performed / acted in Alternative Theatre, Events, Rock & Roll, and Nigerian High Life band. .......most of which went unrecorded, or remain "bad" recordings unreleased in my own & private Archives.

I once played many instruments (piano, cello, mandolin, alto & soprano sax), but ill health prevented me from playing for 13 years (1987-2000). Depending on who I am working with, I now play Bamboo Reed Flutes, Drums, Sopranino, Recorders, Balloons & Improvise with my Lyrics, Prose, Verse ( which many call poems - but for me They Are Lyrics ).

Since 2000 I have performed regularly with the London Improvisers Orchestra (LIO) playing Bamboo Reed Flutes, Sopranino, Recorders, Balloons, Drums, & Simultaneously Conducting & Reciting Lyrics, prose, verse with the LIO.  I have also performed Recitation Conductions with the Malaga, Tokyo, & Madrid Improvising Orchestras. My recitations also include collaborations with groups & individuals which can be viewed on my website.

Since 2000 I have continued to collaborate with the New Luminaries of improvisation from around the world, & old Veterans such as the People Band. I toured Japan in 2012 working solely with Japanese improvising musical Luminaries, dancers & the calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi. I toured Brazil in 2013 giving workshops, performing solo & with Brazilian musicians. I have appeared regularly on Malaga annual music festivals.

My work & collaborations can be viewed on:

www.terryday.co.uk / yad15 / Yadley Day / miya-music.com / shuffle boil / Maresuke Okamoto - Facebook / YouTube / Soundcloud / Mopomoso site / vimeo / Usurp Gallery Video Site

My website / www.terryday.co.uk / Biography partially lists musicians & groups I have collaborated with & Co-Founded since the 60's, inclusive of (in part chronological) the following:

1960:  Hardy Holman Day Trio (guest-Henry Lowther). 1965: Continuous Music Ensemble, People Band, Mike Figgis, Mel Davis, Paul Jolly. People Show. Late 60s: OMU - Davey Payne, Charlie Hart. Abstract Theatre Band + Barre Philips, Jamie Muir, Michel Portal. Nisar Ahmed Kahn Trio - George Kahn.  Derek Bailey Quartet with Johny Dyani & Christine Jeffries, Duo with Derek Bailey, Company. Amazing Band. Marcio Mattos, Mal Dean. Early 70s/70s: Free Space - John Stevens, Trevor Watts, Ron Herman, Four Pullovers, Alterations, K'Ploeng, Maarten Altena, Maurice Horsthuis, Annette Peacock, The Domestics - duo with Maggie Nichols. Dudu Pukwana Band, Pete Lemer groups, Paul Rogers, Peter Kowald, Harry Miller, David Toop, Steve Beresford. Duo with Nigel Combes, Clive Bell, Evan Parker, Han Bennink, Pete Cusack, Gus Johanson, Misha Mengelberg, Willi Kellers, Sven Ake Johanson, Luc Houtkamp, Michel Weisivitz,  Fred van Hove,, Paul Burwell, Max Eastley, Raymond Bonni, Lol Coxhill, Pat Thomas, Ute Kanngiesser, Hannah Marshall, John Russell, Javier Carmona, Ricardo Tejero, Phil Minton, Rhodri Davies. Charlotte Hug, Radu Malfahti, Roger Turner, Alan Tomlinson, Guillaume Viltard, Olie Brice, Roland Ramanan, Tryptich, Adam Bohman, Sylvie Hallett,  Miya, Sabu Toyozumi, Hisaharu Teruuchi, Sohei Saito, Yasuhiro Usui, Yusei Kaneko, Maresuke Okamoto, Thomas Rhorer, Marcos Fernandes, Chihaya Matsumoto, Hideo Ikegama, Tasos Stamou, Hideaki Takahashi, Yuuta Yokoyama, Brian Godding, Ted Milton, Tristan Honsinger, Junji Mori, Jun Kawasaki, Tony Marsh, John Edwards , Tony Hymas, Elliot Sharp, Dominic Lash, Chefa Alonso, John Tchicai,   Grand Amour: Jean Francois Pauvros, Ted Milton, Arto Lindsey,  Satoko Fukuda, David Leahy, Benedict Taylor, Larry Stabbins, Dave Tucker, PJ COLE, MUMMY Band, Lovely Band, Blanca Regina amongst others. Apologies for those not included.

Within the "Terry Day Archives" are unreleased recordings of some of the above Groups & Musicians.

......and.....IAN DURY & KILBURN & The HIGH ROADS. I was in the Original KILBURNS.

.....plus playing Drums & acting in MIKE FIGGIS film STORMY MONDAY. Out-Takes can be viewed on my website & Mike Figgis site at: www.mikefiggis.co.uk/video/page/3

Details concerning my musicality can be read in Biographies on Ian Dury x 2, Derek Bailey book about Improvisation, The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings 9th Edition, Jeff Nuttall's book 'Performance Art ', a mention by David Toop somewhere, & articles about my performances & "Musical Markers" have appeared in western & eastern Languages since the 60s.

Late 60s / Early 70s:  People Band & OMU tour Holland.

By the late 60s Holland had become my second "musical" home. I was semi-resident there until the early 70s. I also toured extensively in the late 70s in Holland with Pete Cusack & Maarten Altena groups playing exclusively with Dutch musicians.....& performed in Festivals with SUN-RA & Ornette Colman "on the Bill".

During the 70s I also had musical sojourns in Germany, Belgium, France playing exclusively with German, Belgian, & French musicians whom I continued to collaborate with in France throughout the 80s.

I also made appearances at Ronnie Scotts Old & New Club, & regularly played at the LMC IN Gloucester Ave. I have played in most European countries, cities, festivals, clubs, New York, Copenhagen, East Germany.

In the Late 60s I regularly played at the Little Theatre Club with the Nisar Ahmed Khan trio -  George Khan, Terry Holman, with People Band small groups, Pete Lemer groups & Duo with Derek Bailey. In the early 70s the 2nd Generation improvisers turned up at the "Theatre'' - Steve Beresford, Nigel Coombes, Dave Soloman, John Russell etc. John Stevens & I came together with the 2nd Generation musicians in the group FREE SPACE. (recordings exist in ARCHIVES but are unreleased)

As to Percussion & Drums: since the 60s I have continued to explore & experiment with 'Drum Kits'.

of late I have returned to Rhythmical Roots playing a "Standard Kit".  I have however indulged myself with all sorts of "Kits", namely:  Floor Kits. Settee Kit, Small Kits, Big kits, Tin Can Kits, Tamborine & one cymbal - tamborine acting as a Snare drum: this was one of my 'Minimal Kits' that  I played at the Little Theatre Club. I did haul up & play a Three Bass Drum Kit at the Little Theatre too.

Augmenting the Kit:

My initial reason for augmenting the drum Kit was to have a greater "Dialogue" with other instruments, thereby extending the 'vocabulary' of percussion to encompass phrasing & melodic Lines.

By the 60s I formulated "laying down a non-tempo Pulse" over which other instruments could "Ride" free from the restrictions of time & metre......a continuous music without pause, thus the Continuous Music Ensemble was born.  "Dialogue" continues to feature in my drumming & percussion work, whilst that "PULSE" is explored with the People Band & remains part of my vocabulary.

Archives contain recordings of:

People Band, OMU, Abstract Theatre Band, Amazing Band, Nisar Ahmed Khan Trio, Free Space, Grand Amour, Duos with Nigel Combs, Maggie Nichols, Luc Houtkamp, John Russell.


My Pedigree

My Brother Pat Day:

Late 50s / early 60s: My brother Pat played drums regularly with Eddie Thompson who was resident pianist at Ronnie Scotts in 1959 onwards.

The 1950s - Denglow's Studios Chadwell Heath.

Such was my brother's pedigree that when we walked into Denglow's Jazz Club in the '50s, Graham Bond would invariably be in the middle of an Alto Sax Solo in the first Set. He would call out "Hey Pat come & sit in on the next set". Graham would then bring the set to an early halt. He'd then pester my brother to sit in on the next set. Most times my brother did, but when he did refuse Graham would then turn to me & ask me to plead with my brother to play with Graham. Graham Bond at that time was recognised as being 'the English Charlie Parker on Alto Sax'.

Such was the esteem my brother was held in. According to the musicians of the day "it was his Touch" that set him apart - only Eddie Blackwell came close to my brother's Touch on the Top Cymbal.

My brother Pat began playing drums around 10 years old & by the time he was 11 / 12 years old he had already formed a band with friends, my other brother Dicky & adult musicians - & they were giging too!

In 1955 I would be 14-15 years old, my brother Pat 22-23 yrs. Graham Bond was about 17-18 yrs. He went on to form groups with Ginger Baker & Jackie Bruce.

My brother Pat played regularly at Denglow's Jazz Club with amongst others, Eddie Thompson, Victor Feldman. I also heard musicians such as Bill Le Sage, Alan Ganley, Kenny Baker, Harold McNair......& other Jazz musicians of the day play at ' Denglows'.

1940 / 45: my eldest brother Tony introduced "BEBOP ", "Jazz" on 78 Vinyl to us siblings. As a Cognoscenti / Affionado of Jazz he had his own Radio Essex programme, & conversed with Steve Race who had one of the first Jazz programmes on BBC in the 40s. Tony was possibly the first "Air Trombonist". In the 40s he would stick a 78 Vinyl on the 'Wind-Up' gramophone, place fingers over his lips & simulate playing the Trombone along with whoever was on the record.

Born 1940. Self taught musician. Plus tuition on piano 1951, drums 1957, alto sax 1975. My father (piano & drums) founded the Gainsborough rhythm boys which included my three brothers on accordion, guitar & drums. My brother Pat (drums) worked with Geraldo & the big names in English jazz during the early fifties.

1957 - 62 Worked in dance bands playing drums.
1958 - 66 Educated in illustration, arts & crafts, sculpture, history of art & fine art at South East Essex & Walthamstow schools of art, finishing at the Royal College of art Painting school (63-66). Produced thesis on 'The Talking Drum'. Exhibitions at the Royal College of Art & Manchester Art Gallery. Taught fine art from 1966 to 1972.

1961 Began involvement in improvised & new music. Founder member of 'Trio'. Including Henry Lowther, Terry Holman, Russell Hardy (Hardy later wrote the music for Ian Dury & Kilburn & the High Roads).

1965 Founder member of the 'Continuous Music Ensemble' which included: Mel Davies, George Khan, Holman, Hardy, Frank Flowers, Mike Figgis, Eddie Edam, Lyn Dobson, B.Edger Pilcher, Annette Nicholson & Jonathan Nichol painting scenerios, Clive Kingsley, Glen Sweeney, Tony Edwards (Big Chief)

1965 - 66 The 'People Band'. (formerly the continuous Music Ensemble). Founder member. Continued working with the People Band & its 'splinter groups' up to its demise in the early 70's. (see appended documentation concerning the personel of the People Band).

1965 - 66 Worked with the 'People Show' during its early day's at 'better books' through to the mid 70's in a musical & acting role.

Late 60's Contributed musically, artistically, & theatrically to the Drury Lane Arts Lab. & New Arts Lab., merging of the arts, i.e. mixed media events, performance art, environmental music theatre mime & dance scenarios. The times of the union of the People Band & People Show performances.

Participant in numerous 'First Generation' improvising & free jazz groups at the 'Lttle Theatre Club', home to the original S.M.E

Founder member of 'Nisar Ahmed Khan Trio', including Terry Holman, & George Khan.

Late 60's Early 70's 
Worked with Pete Lemer in Duos & in his group 'E', which included Pepe lemer, Jack Goldschweig, george Khan, Johnny Dyani. Pete Lemer worked with Gong, Ginger Baker, Charles Aznavor, Mike Oldfield.

Co-founded the 'Abstract Theatre Band' with Albert Kovitz. Involving musical scenerios with painters, actors, poets, dancers, mime artistes, eventists, environmental artists & film. The band was variously augmented by John Mitchel, Ian Jacobs, Charlie Hart, Jamie Muir, Barr Phillips. The A.T.B. worked in France with Michel Portal & Baba Vitet.

Tours of Holland with People Band splinter groups. Augmented by Burton Green.

Early 70's Tours of Holland with 'Ommu the Smooch'.Co founder with Charlie Hart (Ronnie Lanes 'Slim Chances' & 'Juice on the Loose') & Davey Payne ('Ian Dury & Kilburn & the Highroads', 'Ian Dury & the Blockheads', Feargal Sharkey).

Worked with Derek Bailey in duos & his quartet (Christine Jeffries, Johnny Dyani).

Continued to work with Derek Bailey throughout the 70's in combinations & duos. A member of Company.

Member of Geaorge Khan's 'Stagecoach' & 'Zagunga'. Including Ted Milton, Brian Godding, Laurie Allen, Butch potter, John Mitchel.

Mid 70's Joined Charlie Harts 'Doctor Soul'.

Rejoined Ian Dury's Kilburn & the Highroads. Personel included Charlie Hart, Davey Payne, Russell Hardy, Keith 99, Humphrey Ocean. The original 'Kilburns' included George Khan, Russell Hardy, & myself.

Participant in the '2nd Generation' of English improvising musicans activities at the Little Theatre Club.

Member of John Stevens S.M.E., including Trevor Watts, Colin Wood, Marc Meggido.

Formed duo with Nigel Coombes 'Helios'

One of the 4 Pullovers (Steve Beresford, Nigel Coombes, Roger Smith (S.M.E.)

Formed groupings with John Russell, Maggie Nichols, Lyn Dobson, Paul Burwell, & Dave Soloman (flying lizards)

Joined the late Mal Dean's Amazing Band. Including Mick Bennan, John Russell, Radhu Malfatti, Marcio Mattos. The Band continued to work together after Mal Dean died.

1976 Toured England, Holland, & Belgiam with the People Show, but in an acting role only.

Brief spell with Dudu Pukwana's band.

1977 Member of Annette Peacock trio. Including Marc Meggido

1977-78 Member of Pete Cusack groups touring England, Holland, Belgium. Including Evan Parker, Marten Altena, Gus Johansen, Phil Wachsman, John Tchikai.

Toured Holland with Marten Altena's 'K'Ploeng'. Including Derek Bailey Tristan Honsinger, Maurice Horsthuis, Michel Waisvisz.

1978 Received Arts council bursary to compile multi-tracked tapes for solo performances.

1979 Further tours with 'K'Ploeng'. Plus working with 'Taim' in Holland. 'Taim' included Marten Altena & Maurice Horsthuis.
Performed with Derek Bailey's Company, comprised of Lindsey Cooper, Georgey Borne, Tony Oxley, Misha Mengelberg, Leo Smith, Evan Parker.
Worked with the 'Antwerp Improvisation Company', Marc Denhaene, Leo Coomans, Chris Vlinck, Rob Leurentop.

Formed the John Russell Trio with John & Marten Altena.

Solo performances in England, Holland, Belgium.

During the late 70's regularly performed at the London Musicians Collective with a
host of English & foreign musicians.

'Alterations' was co-founded by Steve Beresford, Pete Cusack, David Toop, & myself in 1977 & continued to work throughout 1978 & 1979 in England & Europe.

1980 Continued working with 'Alterations'; the 'Antwerp Improvisation Company', & Fred Van Hove in Belgium & Holland. Also performed solo in England & Europe.

Founded 'Inflamatory Guest 1' (John Stevens Paul Burwell, Roger Turner).
Founded 'Inflamatory Guest 2' (George Khan, John Russell, Alan Tomlinson).   
Founded 'Inflamatory Guest 3' (Charlie Hart, Davey Payne).
1981 Continued working with Alterations touring East & West Germany, appearing on Moers, Antwerp, & Belgian festivals.

Tour of Holland with 'Climat'. Luc Houtkamp, Maartje Ten Horn, Jan Den Boer, John Russell.

Worked with the 'Promenaders'. Lol Coxhill, Steve Beresford, Pete Cusack, David Toop, Max Eastley, Paul Burwell.

Co-foumded 'Mummy'. With Charlie Hart Davey Payne. Toured Holland

Worked in New York with Davey Payne & The New York Improvisers.

Formed 'The Domestics' with Maggie Nichols.

Solo performances & increasingly involved in composing & song writing, which began around 1977 as a development of my poetical writings & lyrics. First began writing poetry in my late teens, & lyrics in the late 60's.

1982 Tour of England with Maarten Altena, John Russell.

Concentrated on Solo Multi-tracked performances.

Joined 'Kahondo Style'. Pete Cusack, Alan Tomlinson, Clive Bell, Stuart Jones, Max Eastley, Kazuko Hoki.

Formed 'Air Trio' with Clive Bell & Stuart Jones.

1983 Continnued working with 'Alterations', 'The Domestics', 'Kahondo Style'.

Produced sound track for 'Animated Film' by George Collins with Paul Jolly & Tim Powell for Canadian Animated film festival which won first prize.

Organised & administrated the 1st & 2nd 'Mummy' big bands which included Ted Milton (Blurt), Charlie Hart, Davey Payne, Mel Davies, Paul Jolly, Maggie Nichols, Ollie Blanchflower, Mike Figgis, Ed Deane (Juice on the Loose), John Porta (People Band,Clapton, Roxy Music, Shakin Stevens, The Smiths) producer/musician, Simon Sticks. Subsequently adding Eddie Edam, George Khan, Jim Dvorak, Chris Puleston, Tim Powell.

Concentrated on composing, song writing & poetry.

1984 Continued working with 'Kahondo Style', the 'Mummy' band, 'The Domestics', & 'Alterations'.

Formed duo with Paul Jolly as composers/musicians for the 'Intriplicate Mime Company' (Molly Guilfoyle, Ian Cameron, Rob Williams), in the mutual production of 'Tales of Darkness & Light', touring England.

Actor/musician in the Mike Figgis production 'Animalsof the City' in company with Catherina Raffaeli, Tony Jackson, Ian Gugan, Dai Pritchard (Loose Tubes). Toured Italy & appeared on Pulverigi & Turin international Theatre Festivals. Mike Figgis film 'The House' shown on channel 4.

1985 in company with Catherine Raffaeli, Tony Jackson, Sarah Sankey, & Phil Minton performed in Mike Figgis's 'Animals of the City' in the international theatre festivals at 'Theatre Saint Denis', Munich, Granada, Brussels, Frankfurt.
Continued working with 'Alteration'. Berne & Zurich festivals.

Last gig with 'Kahondo Style' at Bracknell festival.

'Easterley Day' duo tours England. Tour germany with Willi Kellers & Arni Arnold.

Concentrated on composing, song writing, & poetry.

1986 'Alterations' play the Nancy & I.C.A. festivals & 'headline' the Ooyevear festival in Holland. The demise of the Alterations.

Tour of Holland & Germany with the 'Loverly' band. Co-founded by Maggie Nichols Mel Davies, Paul Jolly, Tim Powell, Chris Puleston & myself. Administrated by Tim Powell, Paul Jolly, & myself. Songs & tunes written by all members of the band. Technical assistant Gary Whitely.

'Boni Eastley Day' record 'Les Mistrals' for jean Rochard's 'Nato' records & form trio.

Max Eastley & myself initiate 'Art Total Productions' to serve as an umbrella for all of our artistic collaborations.

Begin painting pictures once again & making environmental figures & animals. Since the late 60's have produced a vast collection of coloured drawings.

Produce music with Paul Jolly & Max Eastley for Richard Philpots film 'Dead Pidgeon'.

1987 Recorded for Nato album of my songs arranged by Tony Hymas & entitled 'Look At Me'
Formed the Krakow Jazz Ensemble with Mel Davies, Ed Deane, Charlie Hart, Paul Jolly, Davey Payne as actors/musicians in the film Stormy Monday written & directed by Mike Figgis.

Conserts with 'Kazuko Hohki chante Brigitte Bardot' with Steve Beresford his piano & orchestra
Concentrated on painting & drawing throughout 1986/87/88. Exhibition at Galerie Artes in Paris 1987.

1988 Wrote the lyrics 'Shadows Haunt My Days', 'I'm Alone', 'No Loitering', for Jean-Francois Pauvros' second Grand Amour album.
Trio with Tony Coe, Stuart Jones.

1987 -  2000       Poor health prevented me performing or making music during this period.

2000  - 2006        Health permitting, have been performing with the London Improvisers Orchestra {LIO} playing Bamboo Pipes and using lyrics to perform conducted improvised recitation pieces with the LIO { pieces appear on Martin Davidson's Emanem label }
Since 2000 have been able to perform with the LIO on Freedom of the City annual festivals . {2006} A duet with Charlotte Hug for the festival.

Since 2000 have also played a few times with a number of small groups listed as follows :

With Alan Tomlinson, Steve Beresford, & myself    -    possibly in year 2004 at the Flim Flam club.

At John Russell's  Christmas 2005 BASH at the Red Rose . Quartet of  Phil Minton; Roger Turner, John Russell & myself.

In 2006    Duo with John Russell followed by trio with George Khan & John Russell on MOPOMOSO night at the Red Rose.

Duo with Rhodri Davies on IN YOUR TOWN night at the RED ROSE.

The foregoing bibliography attempts to place the stable groupings, rather than account for the numerous improvising & jazz musicians, actors & artists that Terry has worked with since the 60's. Appeared on most major English & European improvised & new music festivals since the late 60's.